Webinar recording: Gaining visibility of the Low Voltage Grid


How can you manage large amounts of data collected by smart meters and gain visbility of the LV grid?

Find out in this webinar as NES and Danish utility Ravdex discuss how utilities can leverage their systems and analytics tools to gain the necessary insight.




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Larry Colton



Larry Colton

Smart Grid Threat Detection and Response

Smart Grids are a critical national resource that are subject to cyber-attack. To date, Smart Grid cyber-security strategies have focused on protection. What happens when an attack is successful, and a threat actor gets past the protection measures? This is when in-depth cyber-security defense is needed.

To achieve the social and economic benefits of a Smart Grid, Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are deploying sophisticated equipment into the low-voltage grid. Whilst this meets the objectives for Smart Grid, it creates more points of entry that a threat actor can exploit. Experts in the ICT sector have found that relying solely on protection against threat actors is insufficient. Only when detection and response is coupled with protection, is it possible to offer a comprehensive cyber-security defense.

Even if a DSO is aware of security events, they can be missing important indicators of attack, simply because they are lost in the background of low-level threat indicators and false positives. Common responses are to log everything or log nothing. In either case, some DSOs may be unable to spot the key indicators which would allow them to adopt a modified security posture in response to a threat or to react to block an attack or limit a penetration.

When evaluating security solutions, DSOs need to select a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system that is able to:

• Monitor the smart grid without interrupting or disrupting the key service it offers
• Interpret events from the smart grid
• Have the right context by which to assess these events
• Identify and be familiar with the types of attacks, which are specific to a smart grid
• Have awareness of attacks across a community of DSOs and spread the word of new threats

DSOs with a proper SIEM will be less vulnerable to denial of service attack or ransom, theft of corporate or customer information, theft of smart grid infrastructure, and may also enjoy lower corporate insurance premiums. And consumers will be less vulnerable to disruption of supply and publication of personal information.

NES Grid Watch provides additional in-depth defense beyond protection. Grid Watch allows you to augment your already robust OSGP security infrastructure by adding detection capabilities to your established protection layers enabling your response capabilities. It allows you to identify changes in the threat-level, adapt your posture accordingly, spot a developing attack, identify points of penetration, quickly initiate responses to blunt the attack and start to offer credible deterrents to the threat actor.



NES at EUW 2019


This year, our booth showcased four of our latest Smart Grid Applications, Grid Operations, Grid Navigator, Grid Flow and Grid Watch. These applications were introduced in 2019 and are helping utilities around the world gain visibility of their low voltage grid, control Smart Grid operations, and enhance their AMI security with threat detection technology.

A special addition to our booth at EUW 2019 was the NES powered integrated EV charging and metering solution that incorporates OSGP technology into Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to provide a complete solution incorporating physical deployment, metering, operations, efficiency optimization and security.

The highlight of EUW 2019 was the annual OSGP EUW awards ceremony that recognized several NES partners and customers for their outstanding smart grid initiatives, customer engagement and use of Big Data technology. We congratulate all the winners for their innovation and success!



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