Networked Energy Services Congratulates Tauron on Prestigious Industry Award

NES Customer, Tauron Distribution, wins smart grid project award during the 14th New Industry Congress Event in Poland


San Jose, CA, October 30th, 2017: Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES), a global smart grid solution provider with the industry’s leading Energy Applications Platform (EAP™), is pleased to congratulate and recognize utility industry leader Tauron Distribution for winning a New Impulse 2017 Award at the 14th Industry Congress Event in Poland. The New Impulse awards were presented to distinguished companies that are active, interesting and effective in responding to new trends in the power industry and making their business models. The experts voting on the awards honor distinguished individuals, companies and institutions, who showed leadership in changing and improving the energy sector in Poland.

Tauron’s award acknowledged their effective introduction of intelligent tools in energy distribution. Tauron Distribution recently completed the implementation of their Smart City project in Wrocław, where they installed 350,000 smart meters for their distribution customers. Tauron installed the OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol) based NES System that provides a smart metering system, which offers many innovative services to Tauron’s customers including providing customer in home access to information on energy consumption. The project is Poland's largest interoperable implementation of smart metering infrastructure, and the system in Poland delivering the highest level of key performance indicators. 

 “The development of intelligent network infrastructure is very important primarily because it supports our efforts to improve the reliability of our electricity supply to our customers. The system of smart metering of the distribution network, which we implemented in Wroclaw, is the basis for building a smart network. At this time, we are adding to the MDM (Meter Data Management) platform, which will allow us to more effectively manage the measurement information, and we continue to conduct a number of projects related to the development of the smart grid,” said Robert Zasina, President of the Tauron Distribution Board.

“We would like to congratulate Tauron on its outstanding smart grid achievements. Tauron’s Smart City project in Wroclaw is a great example of how to securely utilize smart metering systems to benefit the distribution company and its customers,” said Michael Anderson, President and CEO of NES. “We are proud to have participated in Tauron’s multi-vendor project and enabled a variety of smart grid applications through the use of the NES System, and we look forward to continuing to support Tauron’s smart grid initiatives.” 

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