NES Project Success

Establishing the Smart Grid in Austria

This case study encompasses the various phases of LINZ NETZ smart metering project using the NES System.

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Grid Visibility Using Smart Metering Data

Ravdex uses NES smart meters to help prepare their low-voltage grid for the smart energy transition and massive update of electric vehicles planned for Denmark in the next decade.

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Executing the Smart Energy Transition in Romania

Electrica Group provides energy to 3.7M homes and businesses in Romania and is undertaking a significant programme to modernize the country's energy infrastructure.

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NES System is an Industry Benchmark
Stockholm, Sweden

Vattenfall’s Deployment of the NES System is an Industry Benchmark that also Established an Intelligent Low Voltage Grid

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Lights Out: The Storm of the Century
Puerto Rico

How Networked Energy Services (NES) innovation and technical support efforts during the worst blackout in U.S. history transitioned into humanitarian relief in a time of crisis.

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Rapfund: Helping Landlords and Tenants Jointly Benefit from the Sub-metering Model

Rapfund provides locations for retail outlets in major municipalities in South Africa; currently there are 9 retail centres, between 3.5K and 18K square…

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End to End Smart Metering Solution
Svinninge, Denmark

Beyond Billing:  How SEAS-NVE Uses Smart Meters to Manage their Low Voltage Grid

SEAS-NVE issued a bid with the intent to replace its aging meter…

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Delivering Proven Reliability
Moscow, Russia

Imagine all the challenges you face modernizing your electricity grid. Now, imagine the same task, but across the largest country in the world where temperatures can dip to -55°C.…

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Reaping the Benefits of the NES System
Malmö, Sweden

E.ON Reaps the Benefits of the NES Smart Metering System

Like many European countries, Sweden mandated that its electricity utilities provide customers…

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