NES Software Investment Protection (SIP) Program

The Software Investment Protection Program provides comprehensive world-class support to NES System users, either indirectly through one of Networked Energy Service Corporation’s Value Added Resellers (VARs) or directly to Utility customers. 

NES Support Portal

The program offers a range of support vehicles, including telephone and Web-based technical support, an onsite support option, software/firmware updates and upgrades, and 24/7 access to technical resources on the NES Portal. Choose the program level that best fits your needs. The SIP program includes support for various NES system components (including System Software, Provisioning Tool, and diagnostic tools as well as firmware for smart meters, Control Point Modules, Data Concentrators  and Distributed Control Nodes).

Software and Firmware Upgrades

Under the SIP Program, the NES partner or Utility can have access to install on target customer system new versions of NES System Software, Data Concentrator firmware and meter firmware.

Technical Support 

Technical support services are available during normal working hours. In addition, arrangements can be made ahead of time for support outside of normal working hours for specified, planned events, such as major system upgrades. NES support personnel can be reached in multiple ways including email, online and telephone.
NES also provides diagnostic tools for both remote and on-site troubleshooting and support functions. 

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Equipment Repairs

NES equipment is highly reliable with field experience of annual failure rates of less than 0.2% for equipment operating at utilities around the world. For situations that do require repairs, we have facilities both at our Headquarters as well as at our factory. NES has an RMA (return material authorization) process defined to expedite the process of repairing devices cover under the standard warranty period or extended warranty period. The RMA process defines the repair instructions, exchange and associated logistics. The RMA process covers repairs associated with defective hardware and other warranty related items.

Extended Warranty

NES is highly confident in the reliability of its product. We know you need to ensure that the investment you have made in the smart grid continues to generate benefit, sometimes for several decades.

We offer extended warranty on our hardware solutions that provides on-going access to repair services so you can be sure that your investment is protected. You have the option of either purchasing additional years of extended warranty year by year, up to a total of 10 years from purchase, or you can purchase one of our extended warranty packs at the time of your purchase. NES provides extended warranty packs for 3 years, 6 years, 9 years, 14 years and 19 years. These are designed to come into effect after the completion of the initial year warranty which is provided as standard, giving a total cover of 4 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years from the time of purchase.

NES Professional Services

NES provides a variety of professional services solutions, which have been developed based on our years of experience of deploying AMI solutions with partners and for customers. NES can coordinate activities with partners as well as coordinate activities across different organizational functions within the utility. Our services include various activities related to project deployments, consulting, O&M, and security. These services can be customized and blended to meet your specific requirements.

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