Networked Energy Services Solution Chosen for Sinfra’s Framework Agreement

NES and its VAR partners, Metrima and ONE Nordic, entered into an agreement with Sweden’s Sinfra to provide its 194 member companies the capabilities and benefits of the NES Patagonia Energy Applications Platform.

NES and its VAR partners, Metrima and ONE Nordic, entered into an agreement with Sweden’s Sinfra to provide its 194 member companies the capabilities and benefits of the NES Patagonia Energy Applications Platform.

San Jose, CA, September 12th, 2018: Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES), a global smart grid solution provider with the industry’s leading Energy Applications Platform (EAPTM), announced today it has been selected by Sinfra for its framework agreement associated with providing smart metering solutions to Sinfra’s 194 member companies. NES’ VAR partners, Metrima and ONE Nordic, each signed a framework agreement associated with providing the NES System to Sinfra’s member companies.

Sinfra is a national central purchasing body, in Sweden, working with sustainable procurement, who acts as an agent for its contracting entities. Sinfra represents its members in Sweden, who conduct operations associated with district heating, water, and electricity services. Sinfra’s primary mission is to procure technology and services from a sustainability perspective on behalf of its members. In 2015, they were named “Excellent Sustainable Purchaser of the Year” by the Swedish Competition Authority.

The selection of the Patagonia Energy Applications Platform builds on NES and its partners proven success delivering smart metering and smart grid solutions to utilities in Sweden. Currently there are more than one million NES smart meters deployed in Sweden providing greater than 99.7% daily availability of metering data for all customers, including not only usage data,  but also voltage and power quality information. Some of these smart meters have been in-service for more than 10 years, yet due to their remote upgrading capability, many hundreds of thousands of meters were able to be recently upgraded to the latest security features available with the system. This includes features such as automatically changing unique meter keys, intrusion detection for individual meters, and AES-128 encryption, which are designed to help protect, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats in an efficient and timely manner.

Being part of Sinfra’s sustainable procurement programme illustrates NES readiness and commitment to the Swedish smart meter infrastructure now and in the future. This builds on NES’ long-term involvement in projects in the Nordics, where NES has more than two million smart meters deployed in total. NES will be participating in the smart meter renewal projects, which are expected to be starting soon in Sweden, NES offers utilities in Sweden a solution compliant with the Swedish regulatory requirements that combines both platforms and software/analytics, which will help Swedish consumers achieve sustainability objectives.
"The addition of this framework agreement in Sweden further validates the outstanding and unmatched performance and value of the NES Patagonia Platform for utilities not only in Sweden but around the World,” said David Thomson, President and CEO of NES. "Sinfra is a unique organization with an impressive sustainability mission and associated objectives. We are excited about the opportunity to work with them along with our partners, Metrima and ONE Nordic, to grow our customer base in Sweden and provide Sinfra’s members with a smart metering system that provides advanced security features and enables smart grid applications.”  

About Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES)
Networked Energy Services Corporation is a global smart energy leader in the worldwide transformation of the electricity grid into an energy control network, enabling utilities to provide their customers with a more efficient and reliable service, to protect their systems from current and emerging cybersecurity threats, and to offer innovative new services that enable active, intelligent use of energy. NES was formed as a result of the spinoff of Echelon Corporation’s Grid Modernization Division in October 2014. NES is headquartered in the US with R&D centers located in Silicon Valley, North Dakota and Poland, and sales offices throughout the world. NES’ smart grid technology is used in nearly 40 million smart meters and other smart end devices around the world. NES is a member of the OSGP Alliance, a global association of utilities and smart grid companies, which promotes the Open Smart Grid Protocol and cooperates to provide utilities greater value by enabling true, independently-certified, multi-vendor interoperability based upon open international specifications and standards.  You can find out more information about NES, its Patagonia Energy Applications PlatformTM (including grid management software, distributed control nodes, and smart meters) and services at: 

About Metrima
Metrima is a Swedish based developer and supplier of AMR/AMI/MDMS systems. Metrima supplied turn-key systems during the roll-out of AMR systems in Sweden, with turn-key deliveries including meters, communication devices, routers, and central systems to almost fifty utilities in Sweden and Finland, which together is almost one million meters installed. The systems are based on a combination of communication technologies, enabling an optimal solution for the customer. It is Metrima’s strategy to care for its existing customers, to make sure that they have access to modern technology, and that their investments keep their value. Metrima was originally founded over 25 years ago and its offices are located in Linköping.

About ONE Nordic
ONE Nordic is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of technical consulting services, contractors and services in the energy and industry sector. With its nationwide organization and local knowledge, they take responsibility for and deliver high-quality services and solutions to energy producers, distributors and energy users. They have the best expertise in the market for developing, building, modernizing, optimizing and maintaining customer facilities. They work with the largest players in the industry, and together they develop high-tech and sustainable energy systems. The company is owned by Altor Fund III. ONE Nordic has about 1000 employees and is located in about 25 locations around Sweden.