Polenergia Implements NES Patagonia Grid Modernization Platform

The Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) based solution exceeded the aggressive key performance indicators (KPIs) for Poland’s largest private electric energy distributor

San Jose, CA, November 4, 2015: Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES), a global smart grid market leader, announced that Polenergia, the largest private distributor of electric energy in Poland, has successfully implemented the Patagonia Platform and its leading AMI application. Polenergia, which is made up of vertically integrated companies functioning in the area of generation of power from conventional and renewable sources, as well as distribution and trade of electric energy, implemented project included:

• Delivery and installation of NES smart electricity meters and sensors.
• Implementation of Patagonia Head End System software, consisting of the NES System Software and Element Manager Management System.

Alma SA, a Polish VAR Partner of NES, installed NES smart meters and data concentrators, and NES System Software and Element Manager on the Warsaw Marina Mokotów for private and businesses customers. The Patagonia Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) application supports both wireless and PLC technology (Power Line Communication) based on the OSGP protocol.

The solution supplied by Alma SA has achieved outstanding key performance indicators (KPIs) over 99.5% for meter readings each day. Implemented by Alma SA, the system allows effective management of meters and concentrators, data collection, billing and profile of 15 minutes on a schedule or on demand. In addition, it provides data processing in order to create reports for the billing system and balancing areas, which use balancing meters that are also produced by NES.

“We are excited about the benefits Patagonia is enabling for Polenergia and extremely pleased with the Patagonia system’s performance in Poland for Polenergia”, said Michael Anderson CEO of NES, “We look forward to continuing to help them achieve their progressive objectives for the power industry through our proven, open standard, multi-application platform.”

About Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES)
Networked Energy Services Corporation (www.networkedenergy.com) is a global smart energy leader in the worldwide transformation of the electricity grid into an energy control network, enabling utilities to connect to their customers, offer new services and help them compete more effectively, through solutions which can help reduce operating costs, provide expanded services and help energy end users to become active participants in energy conservation. The company was formed as a result of the spinoff of Echelon Corporation’s Grid Modernization Division in October 2014. NES has its headquarters in the US, with design and R&D Centers located in Silicon Valley/California, Fargo/North Dakota, Gdansk Poland, and sales offices throughout the world. Networked Energy Services' solution, based on Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP), is used in more than 4 million smart end points by utilities around the world. You can find out more information about NES and its products, including smart meters, data concentrator nodes, and head-end software, at http://www.networkedenergy.com.