Beirut tragedy - Message from NES

As you will have seen, a huge explosion in Beirut has caused widespread damage, injury and loss of life throughout the city.

I am very relieved to say that, although the office was significantly damaged, as was the surrounding area, every one of the NES team is safe and well, as are their families. 

The resilience of the NES team has served us well in the last year, especially through COVID, and our Beirut colleagues have this in their DNA. Indeed, it was already being demonstrated within hours of this tragic event.

NES is a global business, with our senior management team and Board distributed around the world. Our critical technical, engineering and IT infrastructure is located in Europe and the US, so the business has suffered no loss or impact in these critical respects. 

In respect of the ongoing COVID situation, I am pleased to say that our global team has been coping extremely well with the new ways of working. Indeed, our business, particularly R&D, production and supporting functions has been able to continue with limited or no impact.

Whilst our employees have suffered a severe shock from the Beirut explosion, and we will do everything in our power to support them, I can assure you, and all of our customers, that NES’ business and customer service are unaffected.

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have been injured or lost their lives in this tragic explosion. 

Best regards

David Thomson,
President and CEO, Networked Energy Services