CPM 6040 Control Point Module

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Proven, Secure, Multi-Application
Secure: built on industry leading security features. Reliable: provides a 20 year life. Extensible: connects to local devices to the NES System.
CPM 6000 Device
Open Standard, Reliable Platform
Control Point Modules are designed to enable partners to quickly and easily expand the NES eco-system. The CPM 6040 is a printed circuit board assembly module with everything that is required for reliable OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol) communications including power line communications chip, microprocessor, memory, full OSGP stack and M-BUS support. The CPM 6040 is designed for both electricity smart meters and other types of smart grid devices. With this device, partners can quickly integrate their existing products (electricity meters and smart grid devices) seamlessly with the NES System.
CPM 6040 Control Point Module Features CPM 6000 OSGP Implementation
Enables electricity meters and smart grid devices to integrate into NES’s proven three-tier smart metering and grid system.  Complete OSGP implementation. Supports remote firmware upgrades and reconfiguration.  2 Multipurpose Expansion Ports (MEP) for connecting to external devices. 4 x 16 channel data logging and load profiling. Comprehensive event, outage, and informational logging.
Transform Your Product into a Smart Grid Sensing and Control Point
CPM 6000 & CPM 6010 Smart Grid Sensing
  • Multiple MEP interfaces let you adapt the module to a variety of devices (i.e. wireless M-Bus card or device)
  • Web services let users read and write high and low priority alarms and events
  • Automated NES discovery and topology mapping shows which utility transformer is serving highly dynamic loads, such as electric vehicle chargers
Reduce Development Time, Expense and Risk
CPM 6000 & CPM 6010 Meter Control
  • Reduces development time and expense, providing secure and scalable device control, as well as critical information about the low-voltage topology and health of the distribution line.
  • Development program provides hardware, software, training, and support — including power line coupling circuit design review by experienced NES support staff.
Expand Your Opportunity with a Proven, Market-Leading Smart Grid System
CPM 6000 & CPM 6010 Grid Software
  • Managed by DCN 3000 Distributed Control Nodes, Control Point modules allow intelligent control for nearly real-time response to local smart grid conditions
Technical Specs
Power input 12VDC +/- 5% DC, 350 mA while communicating;
+5VDC +/- 5%, 20mA (max);
+3.3VDC +/- 5%, 30 mA (max);
External 3V lithium battery is required (2.5V minimum, 3.6V maximum)



Integration connector
  • 2 NES smart meter multipurpose expansion port (MEP) serial interface
  • Optical Serial Interface
  • MEP device registered
  • PL communication signal received